Borsalino Donna Artigiano



From Borsalino, a superb multi style fur felt hat, that comes from the skillful hands of those who know how to distinguish, by touch, the strengths and weaknesses of the blend, material and
concentration of color gradations. Artisan hands, which follow a work process created in 1857, thanks to the experience and intuition of the founder, Giuseppe Borsalino, and deliberately maintained the same in the times and methods of operation, thanks to the use of a number of old machines used for
the preparation stages. More than 50 artisan work stages, handed down from techniques which date from the beginning of the century.
A 7-week long work cycle, which starts with the cleaning of the fur to achieve the correct blend,
and continues with the felting of the cloche, molding and trimming phases. A process of natural
dyeing, which is based on the continual search and recovery of ancient mixes stored in the archive.
A know-how which is unique in its genre, handed down from generations, for a product of
exceptional quality, worked on wood or aluminum shapes and cared for in every detail, result of the
passion of all those who create each Borsalino hat with artisan care.
Artigiano, makes You an artisan too, because you can shape the hat according your style.
It  comes as a Bowler Hat and easily becomes a Homburg or a Classic
Fedora accordingly.
It has a Contrast Stitched bound edged brim, a thin contrast ribbon trim, and it comes with a Leather
Superior Quality, Unparalleled style. The hat of the Stars!

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