Hattery-Flattery by Anila Rubiku



The ‘abstractness’ of numbers has always frightened me, but so too has the
truth with which they recreate and re-propose reality. Numbers talk, record
life, mark time. So, when I began to work with Borsalino on the theme of its
new collection “Borsalino dà i numeri” I saw it as a perfect opportunity to play
with them, starting from the precise and unequivocal measurements of the hat.
As an artist, I can offer imagination and creativity which upset and make
reality go haywire. However, when working with such a historic company, this Click to enlarge
must be done with great consideration, knowing that we are working within a
cultural background to which my participation must be added and improve the quality and
excellence which already exists. To the values of the brand I have added the artisan tradition of my
country,Albania, which has always been centred on manual work in which embroidery continues to
be handed down from generation to generation. In the Borsalino collection, in addition to the
numbers, I have added the gestural expressiveness of the hand, which harks back to manual work
and the care that is needed to handle a hat, it is taken with two fingers, gently placed back down,
brushed as if it were something precious. I like to think that by taking care of the hat we take care of
ourselves, as if by wearing it we become more aware of what we are and what we would like to
be… As if by magic Hats Protect Ideas. Anila Rubiku
Smooth felt top trilby with crown embroidered by mechanical machine on artist design. 5/five hours
embroidery. Contrast canneté. Hand Made in Italy. 7 Weeks Manufacturing

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